Become An Ace Private Investigator January 04, 2022

Five advantages of learning a foreign language to grow your career

By Magic Billion| recrutiment

If you write your CV in the German language in Germany, you can get an edge over others. Japan and South Korea, two countries highly preferred for job opportunities, prefer candidates from other countries who can speak their language to some extent. Even a report by Industry Week says that 56% of people worldwide feel that foreign language skills demand will rise in the coming years. Learning a foreign language helps your resume stand out, no matter which industry or sector. Recruiters will notice you amongst the herd when you are looking for jobs, especially foreign job positions in European and Asian countries. If knowing English is ...

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Become An Ace Private Investigator December 29, 2020

Manufacturing Recruitment Firms

By Magic Billion| Manufacturing Recruitment

The Right Approach to Hiring In Manufacturing Even though jobs in manufacturing were previously regarded as low-skilled and low-income, the current scenario actually shows that the industry is growing more powerful. In today’s times, these jobs have become increasingly technical as they need both engineerings as well as traditional manufacturing skills. It is, therefore, no surprise that human resources professionals are finding it difficult to recruit motivated, skilled, and experienced candidates. Manufacturing recruitment firms that are struggling to hire the right candidates can apply the tips and strategies mentioned ahead ...

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Become An Ace Private Investigator December 25, 2020

Hospitality Recruitment - Nurses Recruitment

By Magic Billion| Nurses Recruitment,Hospitality Recruitment

Effective Strategies to Hire the right Nurses The hospitality industry has suffered a severe blow during the pandemic with opportunities drying up in the non-medical sector and mass layoffs. Although nurses have been in demand it has become hard to attract and recruit quality nurses as well. While nurses comprise a major part of the healthcare and hospitality sector, there is a severe shortage despite the rising demand. The reason for this lies in several factors like the increase in the aging population requiring constant care, a decrease in the number of graduating nurses as well as a rise in retirements. The pandemic, in addition, has ...

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Become An Ace Private Investigator December 25, 2020

Hire Foreign Talent - Hire International People

By Magic Billion| Hire International People,Hire Foreign Talent

Hiring Foreign Employees – Thing to Keep in Mind A widely popular way used by global companies to stay competitive is to hire workers from all around the world. This not only diversifies their skill sets but also gives them an edge over those who hire only locally. It is important to use the correct recruitment processes while acquiring experienced and skilled international talent, as they bring varied perspectives and fill talent gaps that may be found wanting locally. For many companies, hiring remote workers from different nations has become the norm. After all, who doesn’t want their company running even outside their work ...

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Become An Ace Private Investigator December 07, 2020

Software Engineer Recruitment - Developers Recruitment

By Magic Billion| Developers Recruitment,Software Engineer Recruitment

Why Good Recruiters are Priceless for Software Developers Despite the recent economic downturn, the tech job market is flourishing with software engineer and developer recruitments experiencing a steady rise. As demand for more innovative tech increases with the advent of various ‘new normals’ you’ll come across a market of developer and software engineer recruiters and so it is imperative to know how to distinguish between a good one and an average one.   As a software engineer or developer, you may often feel bombarded by annoying recruiters, offering you a range of jobs but often failing to find you something ...

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Become An Ace Private Investigator December 06, 2020

Agriculture Recruitment - Welders Recruitment

By MagicBillion| Agriculture Recruitment,Hiring and recruitment services,Manpower company India,recrutiment,hiring,hire from india,indian skills

Global Agriculture Recruitment – Being Ready For the Right JobThe range and diversity of agricultural career opportunities has risen tremendously in many countries across the globe. This can be attributed to not only the continuous innovation but also a strong network of agriculture recruitment companies. It is not difficult any more to find agriculture-related roles be it horticulture, farming, agribusiness or even agricultural science. The opportunities are out there and so are recruiters.Agriculture recruitment and employment is mostly similar to that of any other industry. Candidates fill out applications with their resumes and ...

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Become An Ace Private Investigator December 04, 2020

Hiring and Recruitment Services - Manpower Company India

By Magic Billion| Hiring and recruitment services,Manpower company India

Effective Hiring and Recruiting Strategies The advancement in high-speed internet has empowered thousands of hiring and recruitment services to strengthen their businesses and expand their networks globally, thus enabling millions of job-seekers to find the correct job, with opportunities extending across continents. Over the years, recruitment services have evolved and created a chain of strategies to drive better hiring and the industry is constantly adapting to employer and employee needs. From communicating the right requirements and in your job ads to onboarding the best-fit candidates, it is the hiring strategies that can either make ...

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Become An Ace Private Investigator June 09, 2020

Women Mavericks – Need of the Hour in India

By Aditi Banerjee| recrutiment,hiring,hire from india,indian skills,jobs,entrepreneurs

Having been in the development sector for 14 years, I had heard and read about how one of the best ways to give a woman a ‘voice’ in her own life, and her household, was for her to become economically independent. And for the longest time, I believed it. Till this hypothesis was severely tested this summer. Let me explain. I started my own company, Magic Billion, two and a half years ago, to help skilled Indians access the best international job opportunities. Of those we placed abroad, less than 5% are women. Agreed, that’s not the best number to look at since this number should be disaggregated for types of job roles ...

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