The Magic Billion Story

There are over 63 countries globally with more than 80% employers struggling to find the right quality and quantity of talent. Let that sink in. If Global Research by top firms like McKinsey are to be believed, things are only going to become worse in the decades that follow. And India has abundant talent in all industry sectors, which can grow exponentially with global exposure.

This is the talent inequity that the father-daughter team - Basab and Aditi Banerjee - sought out to solve when they started Magic Billion in 2018. A chance discussion with a friend in Romania about how he couldn't grow his manufacturing company because young Romanians are not available to fill high skilled manufacturing roles. And these skill sets, along with many others, are readily available in India.The pilot project proved successful and now the first ever skilled and certified workers from India are working in their Plant in Romania.

In one year alone, Magic Billion has been able to curate the right kind of talent for employers in Romania, Italy, Sweden, Russia, Japan, UAE and Abu Dhabi. These include roles in the construction and manufacturing industries as well as those in healthcare, IT and agriculture, who we also prepared with language and culture immersion of the destination country. The proof has been in the pudding.

We are driven by a simple purpose: helping global employers fulfil the most critical talent gaps in their organisations today to enable them to reach their fullest potential.

Check out our corporate video - https://youtu.be/BWD0ptOhJmw



Basab Banerjee


30 years in vocational systems training design and management, in countries spanning Canada to Australia. He has supported the Government of India’s efforts for overseas skilling. Basab is based in Delhi and manages International Sourcing and Placements.

Aditi Banerjee


Over 15 years in development finance and operations across multiple organisations like the World Bank and the Boston Consulting Group. Aditi is based in London and manages Global Business for Magic Billion.

Core Team

Siddhartha Mallick

Overseas Recruitment Expert

23 years of experience in business development, business operation, business automation and client handling in diverse business areas.

Sharmila Banerjee

Director, Operations

20 years of teaching and academic experience. Sharmila leads operations at Magic Billion, spanning sourcing of stellar candidates, finance and administration.

Smriti Shankar

Associate, HR

Smriti supports client accounts at Magic Billion, especially in the hospitality industry.

Sandeep Chaubey

Admin Manager

Sandeep manages HR and administration at Magic Billion.




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