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Construction Workers

Top employers in GCC Countries have given us large requirements of construction workers. We are training as per this requirement with various training partners. Our model has been validated with a 100% success rate.

CNC Operators, Fitters

We contracted with a large machine manufacturing plant in Romania to provide them with Indian CNC Operators and Fitters. Our team visited the client site (which is standard process for us), understood their needs and requirements, and training commenced in March 2018. Interviews were conducted in April, and the company selected the first batch of CNC Operators and Fitters. Subsequently more have been selected. After visa processing, candidates left in two batches to Romania in March and May 2019. They were received by our team at client site  -  and now they are well embedded in the company.

Auto Service Technicians, Nurses and Others

We are working in multiple ways to support Japanese employers with Indian talent. Using the technical intern route, we are training many candidates in Japanese Language and Culture, to work in Japan. Talks are also on with Japanese employers for hiring Indian youth into their companies.

HVAC Technicians

We have been contracted by a large MNC from Abu Dhabi to train and place 100 + HVAC technicians with them. Two batches have finished the training and client assessment is 100% successful. The third batch has started at Jamshedpur now. Encouraged by our support, the client is also hiring experienced candidates from Magic Billion.


A top horticulture company in Italy has contracted us to provide top quality talent from India's agricultural sector. We completed competency mapping of Indian Agronomists, to ensure alignment with Italian standards, then got candidates screened by experts from Agriculture Skill Council of India. Client interviews were completed with 70% success rate, due to our deep screening and internal selection process.

IT Professionals and Other Occupations

We are in advanced stages of talks with organisations in Sweden and Finland to explore how IT professionals and other Indian professionals can fulfil talent shortages in their countries.


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